Why Students Are Choosing to Study Hospitality Management in South Africa.

Choosing a new study path can be incredibly difficult, stressful and confusing. Not only do you have to find the right course of study but you have to decide where you’d like to pursue it.

South Africa is a country fill of exciting opportunities, fresh initiatives and plenty of new business endeavours to get involved in, and with several booming industries with doors wide open, the world can quickly become any graduates oyster.

It goes without saying however, and most would agree, that South Africa’s hospitality industry is the most exciting of all of its thriving sectors. South Africa is a popular tourist holiday destination, with hundreds and thousands of tourists visiting its different vibrant cities, game reserves, beaches, mountain areas and historical regions every year. Graduates entering into this industry are greeted with an abundance of opportunities, and when taken, these opportunities have the ability to rocket them to formidable positions of leadership and management.

The thriving hospitality industry isn’t the only reason students are deciding to take a hospitality management career path. While finding an employment position is almost 100% guaranteed, students can choose to go into several different areas within the industry.
Students graduating with a hospitality management degree in South Africa can venture into any of these fields of operations, as well as many others:

- Game lodge management
- Rooms division management
- Catering management
- Food & beverage management
- Convention centre management
- Hotel management

For students who wish to stand out from the rest after graduating, there is a unique degree available in South Africa whereby students can obtain a B.Com in hospitality management. This is an international degree, created by Stenden (only available at Stenden South Africa in Port Alfred), which opens many more doors for graduates to enter through, including:

- Sales management
- Finance and banking
- Event planning
- Marketing and advertising

As the hospitality industry is essentially focused on service delivery, graduates with hospitality management qualifications can apply for a variety of jobs and venture into several different careers. South Africa’s tourism industry is often the most attractive however, as graduates with the right qualifications can quickly prove themselves through hard work, have opportunities to travel, have a fast paced and exciting weekly routine and can enjoy some of the beautiful attractions which tourists come to South Africa to explore themselves.


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